Radio Controlled Car Club of Spokane Bylaws


  1. The Club shall be called the Radio Control Car Club of Spokane, R/C Car Club of Spokane, RCCCS respectively.
  2. Mission Statement: RCCCS mission is to offer and promote organized RC car racing to the public and facilitate growth in the hobby / sport for all.
  3. The Club is a private, non-profit Club.
  4. The Club charter is as follows:
    1. Promote RC car racing as a hobby / sport in Spokane and surrounding localities.
      1. Offer racing to a large and varied community
      2. Orient Club races to minimize investment in cars
      3. Orient Club activities to encourage newcomers and encourage family participation
      4. Hold organized, fair, and consistent race events
      5. Provide assistance to newcomers and seasoned racers alike
    2. Facilitate a safe, clean, and positive environment which is intended to promote and foster sportsmanlike behavior, positive social relations, self-esteem, interpersonal skills and the thrill of competition.
  5. Club Officials & Duties
    1. President
      1. Insure Club activities and decisions are consistent with Club charter
      2. Hold and conduct an organized and prompt monthly meeting
      3. Appoint Chairperson of committees and delegate duties to Club Members 
      4. In collaboration with the Vice President and Treasurer, has the authority to represent the Club as a collective when time does not permit a formal meeting of all Board Members.
      5. Acts as a liaison between the racing facility owner and Club unless otherwise delegated
    2. Vice President
      1. Work in conjunction with the President on promotion, growth and change of the Club
      2. Oversee Club activities, events, and facility / track maintenance
      3. In collaboration with the President and Treasurer, has the authority to represent the Club as a collective when time does not permit a formal meeting of all Board Members.
    3. Jr. Vice President
      1. Spokesperson for the youth (13 and younger) members
      2. Collaborates with Club Officials on youth specific activities and races
    4. Secretary
      1. Logs meeting minutes and posts in the online forum
      2. Populate and modify Club calendar via Club website, social media outlet
      3. Collaborate with race experts and define large event flyers
      4. Perform sign-ins and collect race fees at Club hosted racing events
    5. Treasurer
      1. Provides full monthly accounting of Club funds and expenditures at Club meeting
      2. Balances Club check book and maintains account records
      3. Primary payer of applicable bills and debts incurred by the Club
      4. Primary contact for non profit information and liaison between the Club and the Internal Revenue Service
      5. Provide financial interface with R.O.A.R or other national organization, if the Club is registered, if applicable
    6. Membership Liaison
      1. Record, track and monitor new, existing, and expired memberships
      2. Point of contact for new, existing, and expired members as well as all Club Officials.
      3. Maintain and retain membership forms for easy review and historical investigation
      4. Create and / or procure, and disperse membership cards
    7. Track Director
      1. Coordinate track builds, track repairs, and facility maintenance
      2. Coordinate equipment rental / donation for use in 5.7.1
      3. Ensure facility is safe and secure 
    8. Race Director (s)
      1. Set-up and tear down of Club equipment needed to host Club racing event
      2. Enter race participants into scoring system
      3. Conduct Club race in timely manner and with discretion
      4. Facilitate Club racing series and maintain points of applicable entrants
      5. Will work with Club Officials on point series specifics
  6. Elected Officials are the leadership of the Club and as such:
    1. Will not promote or otherwise become affiliated with any one hobby shop
    2. Will not enter into buying for resale parts that could, in any way, compete with other local hobby shop businesses
    3. Will not enter or collaborate an agreement with any local hobby shops that could, in any way, compete with other local area hobby shops. 
    4. Are responsible for any website or social media form, and if applicable, hosting and domain fee payment
    5. Ensure a positive, safe, friendly and constructive online interactive environment
  7. Club Officials will be nominated in December and voted on in January:
    1. Officials will serve for the term of one year, January to January
    2. Consecutive terms will be allowed
  8. Disbursement of Club Funds:
    1. Expenses, which are a part of hosting events and Club races, will be allowed without Board vote as long as said expenses have been previously outline in a Club/Board meeting and are within reason. Adequate funds are required.
      1. Typical expenses such as paper, printer cartridges, maintenance items, repair items, enhancement items etc… can be procured as needed
    2. Unusual expenses for major purchases over $500.00 will require Board approval. Ref. Item 9
    3. Unforeseen or emergency expenses critical to Club activities may be committed to and paid for, if approved by any three of the Club Officials/Board Member as long as said commitments and purchases are fully explained at the next Club meeting or via online Social Media Board page
    4. The Club Treasurer, if not one of the three deciding Officials, must be notified immediately via phone, email, or Social Media Board page
    5. In no event shall the Club commit to expenses without adequate cash available
    6. A Club Official, Board or Member can make a personal donation / short term loan to cover the expense if needed
    7. The Official or Member will be immediately reimbursed at the next Club meeting or sooner if the Treasurer is available
    8. An accounting of disbursements will be provided by the treasurer. Ref. Item 5.5.1
  9. Items requiring majority vote of Board Members and / or Club Members via Club / Board meeting and / or online forum:
    1. Major purchases Ref. Item 8.2
    2. Entering into a written contract
    3. Adoption of new rules or changes in previously adopted rules
    4. Election of Board Members
    5. Discharge of Club Members
    6. Changes in bylaws, if approved for vote by all Club Officials
    7. Creation and adoption of race schedules, start times, and fees
    8. Major changes in race track design or character after initial yearly design change, excludes regular maintenance
  10. Member Specific Forum and Online voting
    1. Member specific forum and online voting privilege will be provided to Members and Club Officials as necessary, or as deemed appropriate by the Board
    2. Forum should be used to discuss Club ideas and issues prior to prompting a vote, as necessary, or as deemed appropriate by the Board
    3. Online voting is not intended to replace collective meeting voting but work in conjunction with
    4. Issues that will be offered in online voting will require all voting Members assistance in implementing or making changes, depending on the issue / idea being voted on
    5. No change will be approved or will be implemented without the active assistance of Members and or volunteers. The President and Vice President have the final authority to dispersal of funds, approval of projects.

    10.5.1    This means the "masses" are not allowed to vote on a subject / change             without a person or persons to implement and make the change, do the             work, and follow through. 

  1. Membership and Members Responsibility
    1. Memberships are valid for the period of 12 months, June 1st to May 31 st
    2. Each new Member will read, understand and agree to abide by these bylaws and prior to receiving or renewal of membership
    3. Members will retain their membership card and present at all Club hosted / sponsored events to be eligible for appropriate discounts / benefits
    4. Members will present their membership card at any Club meeting to verify membership and voting privilege. In the event the card is forgotten or misplaced, the membership liaison shall have record.
    5. Members will not participate or partake in any alcohol consumption or drug use at or near a Club hosted / sponsored event
      1. In the event a Member is found to have broken this rule, the Member could be revoked of their membership status, decided by the Board. Ref. Item 15
    6. Members will act in a respectful and courteous manner to all at a Club hosted / sponsored event
    7. Members will act in a respectful and courteous manner to all users while using Club provided internet forums, discussion boards, and social media outlets
    8. Members will act with sportsmanship during Club hosted / sponsored race events
    9. Members are responsible for the behavior of their children while attending a Club hosted / sponsored event. 
      1. Members whose children are disruptive, disorderly, or rude are subject to being asked to leave the event without refund.
      2. Members whose children cause damage to another person’s property will be held responsible
    10. Members will act in a safe manner, not just for themselves, but others during a Club hosted / sponsored event
    11. Failure to adhere to any of these rules can warrant discharge from the event or the Club if found unfit. Ref. Item 15
  2. Membership
    1. Will be defined yearly in the membership application document and Club provided internet forums, discussion boards, and social media outlets
  3. Race fees

13.1    Will be defined yearly in the membership application document and Club provided internet forums, discussion boards, and social media outlets

  1. The Club is a private, non-profit Club and as such, reserves the right to choose its Members.
  2. The Board has the inherit right to discharge those who are found unfit.
    1. Unfit is defined as:
      1. Those whose behavior is repeatedly in conflict with the membership responsibility and behavior. section Ref. Item 11
      2. Those who intentionally undermine activities being offered by the Club
  3. The process for discharge review is:
    1. One or more Club Members may file a complaint either verbally or written at a Club meeting
    2. The accused Club Member will be notified by a Club Official of the formal complaint
    3. The accused Club Member will be given the opportunity to defend his or herself at the next Club meeting
    4. The Board will discuss the situation and make a final determination
    5. The accused Club Member will be notified by a Club Official of the determination
  4. Hobby Shops
    1. The Club feels all hobby shops should have a vested interest in the success of the Club, the facility, and Club hosted larger events
    2. The Club encourages Hobby Shops to donate / provide within their means
    3. The Club pledges to not provide special treatment or become biased to any one hobby shop based on that Hobby Shop’s level of donation 
  5. Major bylaw rewrites will be conducted with the approval of all Board Members any time deemed appropriate.
  6. This Club was founded on racing by racers. Let us keep in that tradition and collectively make this Club, the facility and racing community great!


Change history:

Major rewrite – 01/02/2010 DH

Minor rewrite to remove membership levels 07/08/2013 DH

Minor rewrite to bring bylaws current 1/19/2017 DH